Family Went Wrong

Family went wrong from the day i was born
There was no sign of love except from above

I lay in my mother’s womb
Only to find out, it was really my prison tomb

How could it be? No family for me
I said to the lord, why did you do this to me?! Send me into a world of hate and onto a family who dont appreciate the blessing you sent to them

A child like me who they dont even see
The pain is deep, to deep for me
So i cry out to u lord because i need you desperately

How did it all go wrong
Should i have never been born?
I question this lord because my family is so torn

What can i do to make it right
There is still no sign of my family’s love, so i cry every night
Wishing it could be my family and me But that can never be true because me and my family are through

I never existed to them, a child they turned their back to
Born November 4th 1972

My life didnt end there, it only just begun
The lord said to me, your true blessings are near and your victory will be One

The day will come when you will see that family that went wrong is in the past you see
You’re blessed with 2 girls, who loves you faithfully

Our bond is strong and very tight, a Family once went wrong has now gone right

Thank you Jesus with all my might
For helping me win this endless fight

God you answered my prayers and washed away all of my tears, you gave me the strength and courage to face my fears on being alone

That pain i once felt is finally gone
Now my 2 children and I can peacefully move on

42 thoughts on “Family Went Wrong

  1. Really nice written, so deep hurt but an happy end. Nice to read. Thanks. And also thanks for the follow. I hope you’ll like my poems.


  2. Wonderful poetry, as always (:
    By the way, you are my one-hundreth follower, so I hope you don’t mind that I tagged you in my latest post to thank everyone, and maybe send some follows your way (:
    All the best,


  3. Although you went through a rough childhood, I’m glad to read of the blessing which the Almighty has given yo: 2 little girls.


  4. A good no. of people struggle with your kind of pain daily but I sm glad at least 1 of them managed to rise above the pain and managed to find happiness if not peace… kudos to you for coming out of the vicious cycle!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A beautiful poem, the story of triumph over pain and heartbreak. Many of us have been what I call “the walking wounded” that God has raised up to new life in Him, and filled us with His love. Perhaps we should form an internet support group. I’ll be following you. God bless.


  6. I feel your pain and I am glad you’re seeking the Lord for healing not just for you but for your family too. I like the way you relate your story though poem, makes it the more interesting. Your a wonderful soul.

    Also, thank you for visiting and following my blog. Hope you enjoy going back.

    Happy birthday too ❤


  7. I believe we are all Gifted Children of Gods Creation, and with the Lyrics you Sung in Words,
    Could Cure all the Hurt Souls of the Nation;
    I felt in Heart your Voice of Choir, a voice that any being with a right mind can desire.

    You Have what it takes to be number one on the chart, you gotta get a record done, and show to the younger generation what musics about.. You got my Vote.1 appreciated


    • I also appreciate you so much, just to take the time to consider me for a record deal and making a change in young peoples lives, that is the main reason for my writing, to help somebody and hopefully make a change in their lives, with prayer all things will happen, Thanks again and God bless you always 🙂

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