Nobody Knows

Nobody knows why my brother
Chose to end his life with a drug overdose

When we were little
We were so close

Oh how i loved my big brother
Out of everybody i loved him the most

Nobody knows about my little sister
Damn i really miss her

Her smart little mouth
You know the one that cursed us all out
This was a way for her to express herself
Sometimes she would just shout

Nobody knows that’s not all she was about
She was a good girl, a single mother even
Baby girl just chose the wrong route

Losing two siblings in the same damn year
Nobody really knows when their time is near

Nobody knows who i really am
Im a Inspirational Poet
And a Strong Black Woman

Nobody knows why i write the way i write
I write about the truth, based on true life

Nobody knows when the world will get a chance to meet me
Aslong as i keep telling my stories correctly

The world would have met me known as the girl who always spoke her words poetically

Nobody knows if some will cheer for me
Or basically just hate on me

But what i do know still in all, imma always stand tall
And take what God has giving me, a Blessing and accept it gracefully

Nobody knows the decisions we all make or the path we decide to take

What we should know is, these things can either make or break us

So at the end of the day
These are the things we need to know, before its all to late

Nobody knows should be NOW WE ALL KNOW
That life is to short and we cant take too long to right all of our wrongs

Just a little knowledge
Hope it wasnt to much
Written sincerely through my Poetic Touch, God Bless

17 thoughts on “Nobody Knows

  1. Sometimes people don’t know where to turn when they’re handed difficult, unwanted circumstances. I think that’s when art saves us. It’s like we’re little kids again, being creative. I admire people who are able to go through life like this. Keep writing, you’re great! 🙂


  2. Today I sat at the bank, nervously waiting for a loan to buy a car, not just any car but the car I promise my uncle who now long pass. Had done this before he would been here to seeing it, regardless I don’t want the time to pass


    • Thank you for taking the time to visit my page & read my poems, i hope that you are able to still get the car that you had planned on getting for your uncle, even though your uncle is not here, im sure he still watching over you, continue to trust in God 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The raw emotion in your poetry tugs at my heart. I’ve lost people to life, people who made me me. You are one strong person to continue thanking God for his blessings even when he took so much from you. Really amazing, thankyou for the insight. Really 🙂


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