Mike brown (Unlawful Shooting)

Bam bam thats the sound of the babylon sirens

Bam bam another brother just died by the gun

Tick tock its time for this racial profiling to stop

Real shit we getting tired of you killing black kids
Check this how many of us is on ur damn list

Bam bam thats the sound of the babylon siren

Does this mean ill always have to run from the sound of a cocked back police gun

Police brutality is not a nationality
Nor a trend, you are supposed to be honorable men

You let your hate over take you and for that, your same fate will break you

Stop the violence #redwhiteandblue

10 thoughts on “Mike brown (Unlawful Shooting)

  1. I am not surprised at all. I am a Florida native, and I have witnessed this all my life. I have learned that racism will be here until the world end. I am not saying it is okay, but we must learn to handle all things in prayer and confidence. I am not fearful of no man, neither am I fearful of a gun. We must educate our youth concerning the ways of the world. We have a mark on us because of our color, but we do not have to live in fear, or rage because of others ignorance. I have won many people over of a different color because of the way I carry myself. The knowledge that I walk in has stamped out their ignorance concerning “Black America.” I know that I cannot change the whole world, but I can change it one person at a time.

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  2. I’m Born & Raised in O.z, though, my parents migrated there, i grew up in the worst suburbs in Sunshine, where Underworld had been recently for 10 years under surveillance, though, the point is from a whole life as an Aussie Citizen, i still got called ‘Blacky’, or ‘Go back to your Woggy Country, you Black Wog’, I was even called ‘Nigga’ many years of my Life; I couldn’t even walk down the Street feeling safe & Free; 80% of the ‘Cops’ that stopped me were Racist, pulling my Beany of my head, My Cross Coloured Baggy pants down to my Ankles, strip searching me because of my beard and Trendy gangster look.. It was the look, i wasn’t a Criminal, i was another Brother from another Mother, So That’s why, i started to listen to ‘Ice-t, Ice cube, 2pac’, & many hardcore Rappers who described ‘Police Brutality Is Common in My Neighborhood, That’s why i hate the M….F…s’.. As much as the music were Lyrics, They were True..
    Shooting, is a Cowardly, Pussy act, the Fear of Unknown intelligence within.. Most police fear their own Mind, & have destroyed the image for the Few good ones..
    By the way my Skin is ‘Beige’, but my Blood Is “RED”, & my heart is ‘Warm’, & we are the ‘Walking dead’, we will never know, when it’s over.., but everybody will die someday, death brings Life..
    R.I.P – Life to the Justice, Reencarnation is the Unforgotton Memory keeping it Real..

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