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Domestic Violence 

No No don’t touch, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, thats what you’ll get if you put your hands on us, calling five O, hmmm a must
You think your in charge, how you gonna feel when your ass behind bars. Nigga you must be CRAZY threatning me and our two babies!! nah their ladies.. you ask me, that shit is shady.. you mad at me, we’re not your tragedy, you’re the one who chose to be a dead beat daddy.
Now you threaten me, you went to far, right about now you’re looking casket sharp. The time has come, funny how now we see who’s the one on the run…Dont play with me or test me gee, OH, one of us will go, trust it wont be me. 
Does that make you a man, knocking a woman down from which she stands. Yeah catch me if you can, that will be the last time you ever raise your hands, to a woman that is, don’t get mad at me and your two kids.
Be mindful, instead of prideful, you spoke some real shit that I just can’t dismiss, now imma ask you, Do you know who yuh a deal wit??
Well I am that bihh, thats not gonna let you get away wit threatning me, tic tic!! the clock is ticking, cause bodily harm, nigga what were you thinking, maybe out somewhere heavily drinking, sorry ole boy, your woman beating ship is now sinking, I know your thinking where is she, so u can put the fear back in me..
I told you before all my strength comes from my Heavenly Father, so stop looking! don’t bother! You call us dumb, hell this dont make you look any smarter, who does that, leave a live voicemail with vicious threats, thats the shit I will never forget…this is all you, all your mess, how dare you try to make us your regrets..

Now imma close this out, because I have no more doubts, I did nothing wrong, you were the one to seek me out, whatever it was, bruh you chose my route!! go take that to the bank and cash that shit out!!