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This is a Poem I wrote in another unfair situation when another young black man lost his life unlawfully, I Dedicate this poem to all the Mothers whom sons fell victim in the same unfair way

Trayvon Martin
I Dedicate this poem especially for you
Because its been so long
And Justice is overdue

Trayvon is someone’s Son
But yet a coward pulled his gun
It wasn’t just one Bullet

This punk fired more than one

What I dont understand is how this all began?

You seen a mysterious person,
Just so happen it was a black man,
With a bottle in his hands,
Wearing some baggy pants,
Lets not forget, the infamous hoody

The main reason why
You thought you should be harrasing this boy
When you should’ve just avoided from the beginning and backed your ass down!
Because you’re not a real cop,
You were only pretending

Trayvon looked suspicious
Is what you say, Being black you claimed you didn’t care wither way
But yet you still pulled the trigger
Because to you he was just another Nigger!


He was just at the wrong place
At the wrong time
Being shot dead, never to see his family again
I bet that never crossed his mind

You say Trayvon wasn’t shot in cold blood
Nah Homie you lying!

Racism is alive and well
It was just proven when they didnt throw your ass straight in jail!

You were so bold
because you were told to stand down
But NO, You just had to get you a couple of rounds
And take that young brother down

Look at you now
You best believe
What goes around, will surely come back around
Just wait and see

All we want is Justice
And for Trayvon to rest in peace.

Ofcourse the black community is going to react Because the main fact is
the only real crime was TRAYVON WAS WALKING WHILE BLACK

And I don’t care if you don’t like,
Nothing but the truth comes from my Poetically Spoken Mic!

Unfortunately Trayvon Martin is not hear to speak his spoken words,
We want Justice, we just want is served!