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Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling, even though I didn’t know you, still a victim of the red, white and blue…

What the world is finally coming too? another brothers life taking way to soon, he had a gun so u assumed, but it was only your guns that went boom boom boom.

You had him down, why’d you bust 6 rounds, I saw the footage he was already on the ground, unlawful shooting when a black mans in ur town, sound real racist, I know thats how it sounds, but theres no difference, back then and definitely not now.

Prayers for Alton, Trayvon and our brother Mike Brown, stop the killing, these men are all our children.

You look at us with all of your disgust, cant do your job and handle a simple bust, what makes me mad, anyone now a days can a wear a badge, honor and respect the police, hmm don’t make me laugh, what makes me sadder black lives really don’t matter, they say we all equally but I dont see no other race getting killed repeatedly, every life is a tragedy, but most of the funerals are blacks you see, in the back of a hurst while the police will lead… thats funny to me.

For the family! RIP to all our brothers and sisters who lost their lives through police brutality, may your souls and spirits always rest in peace. 

Police!! what’s it gonna be? for you to see! We are people, we’re not in slavery, not him nor her and definitely not me. “Lady Liberty! Masta we all is free” seriously apart of humanity. Now face that reality and accept the fact being black is apart of our beauty and not a reason for your unjust cruelty. 

Instead of war it should be peace, but all I see is a bunch of black targets marked in the belly of the beast, Hunted down by our “fellow police” now deal with it, you’re the ones who stirred up this racial controversy. Judged by many, real reason, the color of our skin…TRUE ENVY!!