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No one can never be her, an angel sent to the world known as Baby Girl. Precious she was, sweet as could be, she shined her light for the world to see.You were God sent, truly a blessing who taught us one of life’s lessons, In order to succeed, you have to follow your dreams to be all you could be.

From our world you depart, we loved your songs, they blew up the charts, your smile alone touched our hearts.

Our father in heaven called you home, no matter what Aaliyah, you will never be alone.

Like the pretty blue sky, watching the doves fly by, your life was cut way too short, now its time for us to say goodbye 

A glare in her mothers eye, she was named Aaliyah, the exhaulted one, the most high, no one can never be her even if they tried!!

May you always rest in peace 

My Poem “Letting Go”

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wasn’t really meant for you.
Over the years you had several doubts, trying to keep your family together, It’s what relationships is all about.
Letting go means, someone will get hurt, you make every effort to see if it still might work. The truth remains the same, The longer you both hold on, the deeper the pain.

Sometimes in life we have to cut our loss, Not enough truth and too much false.

Promises and faking who she or he really is, sometimes questioning how you and this person somehow even share kids.
Letting go should be the right thing to do, especially when the person you’re with is not really feeling you. Nobody likes to let go, they rather hold on and not let their true feelings show.
Letting go for me is being about it and not tip toe around it because feelings just keep getting hurt from not letting go and realizing it just didn’t work. I tried letting go several times, hoping and praying that the one I love would truly be mines but it didn’t happen that way
because I decided to stay, my heart got broken
And that’s just one of the prices I now have to pay. I held on so long to love, that was so wrong from the very beginning, listening to my emotions kept me right on sinning. 

Letting go should have been right from the start, Now anger and animosity is keeping us apart. 

Letting go, I tell anyone please don’t hesitate because the one you once love
could be the one that consumes your heart with so much hate.
Letting go is for everyone’s sake, I didn’t know it would be this hard but now I know

Love, Let go and Let GOD! Poetically Spoken
Letting go…Now I have to take charge

Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling, even though I didn’t know you, still a victim of the red, white and blue…

What the world is finally coming too? another brothers life taking way to soon, he had a gun so u assumed, but it was only your guns that went boom boom boom.

You had him down, why’d you bust 6 rounds, I saw the footage he was already on the ground, unlawful shooting when a black mans in ur town, sound real racist, I know thats how it sounds, but theres no difference, back then and definitely not now.

Prayers for Alton, Trayvon and our brother Mike Brown, stop the killing, these men are all our children.

You look at us with all of your disgust, cant do your job and handle a simple bust, what makes me mad, anyone now a days can a wear a badge, honor and respect the police, hmm don’t make me laugh, what makes me sadder black lives really don’t matter, they say we all equally but I dont see no other race getting killed repeatedly, every life is a tragedy, but most of the funerals are blacks you see, in the back of a hurst while the police will lead… thats funny to me.

For the family! RIP to all our brothers and sisters who lost their lives through police brutality, may your souls and spirits always rest in peace. 

Police!! what’s it gonna be? for you to see! We are people, we’re not in slavery, not him nor her and definitely not me. “Lady Liberty! Masta we all is free” seriously apart of humanity. Now face that reality and accept the fact being black is apart of our beauty and not a reason for your unjust cruelty. 

Instead of war it should be peace, but all I see is a bunch of black targets marked in the belly of the beast, Hunted down by our “fellow police” now deal with it, you’re the ones who stirred up this racial controversy. Judged by many, real reason, the color of our skin…TRUE ENVY!!


These are the masks that we wear everyday because somehow when we open up our mouths people dont care what have to say Because were faceless!!! how in the hell did the world just miss us 

Is it because were not to loud or are we 3 shadows that just doesnt blend with the rest of the crowd

We have eyes and ears and also a mouth, how come for some reason we always get blurred out

I get so tired from asking the same damn question

Maybe its just me, anybody with some insights or some suggestions 

Being faceless I guess sometimes can have its perks but nah deep down inside, that shit really hurts

Being ignored like u dont exist anymore, I cant believe, that shit still got me in awe

Making somebody faceless, now thats just mean, one of God’s creations, man or woman their still a human being.

I ask myself constantly! dont I have a face? why cant they see? or is it a way for somebody to just judge me.

By taking away our physical an attack our mental! those are the the things I can’t understand, I just never understood.

We refuse to remain faceless, here are our rules and a few simple basis, respect, equality, and to be treated humanely, we will no longer wear your mask and be your unknown faces..

Faceless nomore, we have names… Monique, Nekayba, Naiima, now put that taste in your mouth and let it savor my friends because you’ll definitely see us. I guarantee you once more again.

Baby Daddy Check

Baby daddy, yeah im talking to you, I hope that you hear me because you a gwan like a fool. I see I have to put your ass in check and stop this train from colliding into an unnecessary wreck. You see im tired of you coming for me trying to disgrace and attack me to prove that your happy. I dont care what you do boo boo!! You keep running after me, not me seeking after you. 
True happiness comes from within, not telling me you have a new woman and a 750 bm…..w that is, Grown men handle their bis, not down their baby mamas with all of the petty drama, but I forgot who I was dealing with, your the same nigga who measure his goals with the size of his tip, your words dont hurt, they don’t hurt me one bit.


No weapons formed against me shall prosper, Im covered in the blood by my Heavenly Father!!

Your a mistake, a mishap I made in my life, remember you are that same bottom feeder that said he doesn’t have a wife, I mean really all that just to get some of this boo boo kitty, Who does that, your not a real man your just messy, karma will come back to you and no her name wont be BECKY….so dont test me, I deserve your respect, real woman on deck, so dont come for me, unless I send for you, gamma fly wanna be young dude, then I wont have to put your ass in check, trust this is all for the best, now go your ways and get your life, its not me your hurting its your wife… 
Baby daddy fooled me once maybe even twice but you will never ever have victory over my life.

So take several seats and accept defeat, you are the weakest link, shoutout to you from me and our two stanks!! wink wink, who was last is now first and who was first is now last, Glory be to God, you are now officially a skeleton from my past!!….