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These are the masks that we wear everyday because somehow when we open up our mouths people dont care what have to say Because were faceless!!! how in the hell did the world just miss us 

Is it because were not to loud or are we 3 shadows that just doesnt blend with the rest of the crowd

We have eyes and ears and also a mouth, how come for some reason we always get blurred out

I get so tired from asking the same damn question

Maybe its just me, anybody with some insights or some suggestions 

Being faceless I guess sometimes can have its perks but nah deep down inside, that shit really hurts

Being ignored like u dont exist anymore, I cant believe, that shit still got me in awe

Making somebody faceless, now thats just mean, one of God’s creations, man or woman their still a human being.

I ask myself constantly! dont I have a face? why cant they see? or is it a way for somebody to just judge me.

By taking away our physical an attack our mental! those are the the things I can’t understand, I just never understood.

We refuse to remain faceless, here are our rules and a few simple basis, respect, equality, and to be treated humanely, we will no longer wear your mask and be your unknown faces..

Faceless nomore, we have names… Monique, Nekayba, Naiima, now put that taste in your mouth and let it savor my friends because you’ll definitely see us. I guarantee you once more again.