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Black people wake up! its no longer about the black man! but all about our black faaamily!! You see the police, they want us deceased most definitely.. So where’s our black unity?

We have to fight for our rights and also our peace.

Black people we matter, our death toll is getting sadder

We have to become as one in order to stop being the target of the end of a barrel of a police man’s gun..yes we can do it, we can, it takes more than holding hands.
You really have to band together, birds of one feather you know! Flock forever!!

Im not preaching about hate, I just want my people to feel safe, just like everybody else but we can’t.

There goes that nigger chant! Oh yes you do, especially by you boys in blue..you’re quick to draw your gun on a black man just for fun, hands in the air! Boom! Boom! black man you’re done.. We cant even walk the streets without looking suspiciously.

Black man, Black woman unfortunately we are all killed the same, that is because the color of our skin still remains.

How many black people can we kill is the object of their game.. I try to hold my peace but this shit is getting deep, to deep for me! I cant even freaking sleep without thinking about all the families with the unfair tragedies. You’re even dragging grannies out of cars, there goes grandma behind bars, is there no limit to how far you’ll go? Why I ask! you’re the crooked po po!

We have to first stop our own racial violence at our front door, Meaning black on black hate no more!! You see in order for them to perpetuate, discriminate and ultimately manipulate us to continue to tear each other down Is the only way to penetrate our unity as one. Wake up for their race war on nubians is finally won!!

We fight for our freedom so the rest of the world will finally see us as the same instead of blaming the color of our skin to be inhumane. For the record we didnt start this race war, we are beautiful black people with beautiful melanin skin and we will defend it at all cost to the very damn end

I am poeticallyspoken!! Wake up my Nubian Brothers an all my Nubian sistas..

Mike brown (Unlawful Shooting)

My Pain, My Life, My Struggles, My Fight

Bam bam thats the sound of the babylon sirens

Bam bam another brother just died by the gun

Tick tock its time for this racial profiling to stop

Real shit we getting tired of you killing black kids
Check this how many of us is on ur damn list

Bam bam thats the sound of the babylon siren

Does this mean ill always have to run from the sound of a cocked back police gun

Police brutality is not a nationality
Nor a trend, you are supposed to be honorable men

You let your hate over take you and for that, your same fate will break you

Stop the violence #redwhiteandblue

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