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Domestic Violence 

No No don’t touch, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, thats what you’ll get if you put your hands on us, calling five O, hmmm a must
You think your in charge, how you gonna feel when your ass behind bars. Nigga you must be CRAZY threatning me and our two babies!! nah their ladies.. you ask me, that shit is shady.. you mad at me, we’re not your tragedy, you’re the one who chose to be a dead beat daddy.
Now you threaten me, you went to far, right about now you’re looking casket sharp. The time has come, funny how now we see who’s the one on the run…Dont play with me or test me gee, OH, one of us will go, trust it wont be me. 
Does that make you a man, knocking a woman down from which she stands. Yeah catch me if you can, that will be the last time you ever raise your hands, to a woman that is, don’t get mad at me and your two kids.
Be mindful, instead of prideful, you spoke some real shit that I just can’t dismiss, now imma ask you, Do you know who yuh a deal wit??
Well I am that bihh, thats not gonna let you get away wit threatning me, tic tic!! the clock is ticking, cause bodily harm, nigga what were you thinking, maybe out somewhere heavily drinking, sorry ole boy, your woman beating ship is now sinking, I know your thinking where is she, so u can put the fear back in me..
I told you before all my strength comes from my Heavenly Father, so stop looking! don’t bother! You call us dumb, hell this dont make you look any smarter, who does that, leave a live voicemail with vicious threats, thats the shit I will never forget…this is all you, all your mess, how dare you try to make us your regrets..

Now imma close this out, because I have no more doubts, I did nothing wrong, you were the one to seek me out, whatever it was, bruh you chose my route!! go take that to the bank and cash that shit out!!

´╗┐Baby Daddy Check

Baby daddy, yeah im talking to you, I hope that you hear me because you a gwan like a fool. I see I have to put your ass in check and stop this train from colliding into an unnecessary wreck. You see im tired of you coming for me trying to disgrace and attack me to prove that your happy. I dont care what you do boo boo!! You keep running after me, not me seeking after you. 
True happiness comes from within, not telling me you have a new woman and a 750 bm…..w that is, Grown men handle their bis, not down their baby mamas with all of the petty drama, but I forgot who I was dealing with, your the same nigga who measure his goals with the size of his tip, your words dont hurt, they don’t hurt me one bit.


No weapons formed against me shall prosper, Im covered in the blood by my Heavenly Father!!

Your a mistake, a mishap I made in my life, remember you are that same bottom feeder that said he doesn’t have a wife, I mean really all that just to get some of this boo boo kitty, Who does that, your not a real man your just messy, karma will come back to you and no her name wont be BECKY….so dont test me, I deserve your respect, real woman on deck, so dont come for me, unless I send for you, gamma fly wanna be young dude, then I wont have to put your ass in check, trust this is all for the best, now go your ways and get your life, its not me your hurting its your wife… 
Baby daddy fooled me once maybe even twice but you will never ever have victory over my life.

So take several seats and accept defeat, you are the weakest link, shoutout to you from me and our two stanks!! wink wink, who was last is now first and who was first is now last, Glory be to God, you are now officially a skeleton from my past!!….


My one and only
He use to make me feel like
Im the only one, his number one

And then it begun
He got up in my face
Such a disgrace
Making me feel for my love
He will kill
I was dying inside
Asking the lord why?
Why did this man choose to degrade
And mistreat me
I loved him wholeheartedly

Oh how i love thee
But all he ever did was lie and
Cheat on me

I wish i was blind
Because i really couldn’t see
But not literally

Atleast i would have an excuse for all the abuse
And telling myself this man dont care for you

Looking at myself from within
These were the days my troubles began
I felt like i stepped into a world of No mans land
Because all this man wanted to do was raise his hands

I just didn’t understand
You told me you loved me
And said you were my man
One of my biggest fans

You tore me down
Just because you thought u can
Your heart was black, it was all an act

Sealed with a kiss
How would i have known
I would meet your fist

Was i bamboozled?
No i was just tricked
This wasnt love, this was an
abusers blitz
This was for real, some real bad shit

Now i know how to let go

Will i ever adore
Loving myself less and someone else more

I talk that talk and walk that walk
Allowing any abuse
I realize that was all my fault

Oh how i love thee
I’m more than a woman, its all in me
I was once blind
Now i can see

Being held captive, emotional and physically and all that misery


My world of pain no longer hinders me