Walk in My Shoes

My Pain, My Life, My Struggles, My Fight

Try walking in my shoes
Waking up everyday not knowing
what to do
Feeling like the whole world is so against you

With every wandering eye
Wondering why, why are you here

But Excuse me, I have nowhere to go, neither here nor there
So please stop judging me & stop with the stares

I know stories like this are not often rare but im here to tell you, that this is me & my 2 daughters current nightmare

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13 thoughts on “Walk in My Shoes

  1. Amen Sister! I love this! There is nothing worse than the ignorant judgement of total strangers! On the one hand, what does it matter what these ignorant strangers think, but it still churned the gut!


  2. Broken Master - My final Break up and release of slave karen and the trials and tribulations that resulted from it says:

    I am walking in your shoes as we speak and it sucks


  3. Really enjoyed this poem. Very powerful and relatable. If they could just walk in your shoes, then they would know your story and why life is the way it is for you.


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