I Wanna Live Not Just Survive

My Pain, My Life, My Struggles, My Fight

I wanna live not just survive
I wanna be able to wake up happy
Not always cry

I hate feeling this way
But thats whats inside
So I have to let it out
So I wont scream and shout

Im a Inspirational Poet
My struggle is real
Just by looking at me
You wouldnโ€™t even know it
Because no matter what im going through, I always manage to keep a smile on my face

But deep down inside theres a bitter taste thats trying to subside
But thats not always easy to do
Hide all of the hardships my family and I are currently going through

Yeahโ€ฆwho knew?!
Im Poetically Spoken
And I fell too
That just goes to show you the struggle is real

I just wanna be able to live my life and be happy, wellโ€ฆthats just how I feel

We tried seeking help but no one seemsโ€ฆ

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19 thoughts on “I Wanna Live Not Just Survive

  1. I love this poem because it reflects me exactly. Thank you, and always on going forward, because that what counts the most, even on a down turn on a roller coaster.


  2. So hard when you bring people up not to get down when the same doesn’t happen back at you! But weather those storms and know you are doing the right thing. I feel you like you’d never believe. But that’s how I look at it and that we are women and damn strong!


  3. I do hope you and the girls are in a better place now. You do matter. I don’t have the answers as to why these situations happen, but I know God loves you and will never abandon you. Feel free to contact me anytime. If I can help I will. If not, I can always pray with you and for you. God bless.


    • Thank you so much, Thank you for your prayers and although we are still going through turmoil right now, but we realize that this is our season to endure tough times and we are getting though it with the grace of God. God bless you ๐Ÿ™‚


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