I Wanna Live Not Just Survive

I wanna live not just survive
I wanna be able to wake up happy
Not always cry

I hate feeling this way but thats whats inside, so I have to let it out, so I wont scream and shout

Im a Inspirational Poet
My struggle is real, just by looking at me
you wouldn’t even know it
Because no matter what im going through, I always manage to keep a smile on my face

But deep down inside theres a bitter taste thats trying to subside
But thats not always easy to do
Hide all of the hardships my family and I are currently going through

Yeah…who knew?!
Im Poetically Spoken
And I fell too
That just goes to show you the struggle is real

I just wanna be able to live my life and be happy, well…thats just how I feel

We tried seeking help but no one seems to care, which left my girls and I in the middle of nowhere Literally sleeping in my car, wasnt the best decision of mine, just means we didnt have a place to lay our heads at the time

I say it again I just wannna live and not just survive

I find myself stating that all the time
Cries in the dark, 3 broken hearts
It just seems like we dont matter but I know we do

Try taking a moment and step in our shoes
How would u feel if the whole world forgot about you?
Going to so called family who often turn there backs because they didnt care where we were at, under a bridge or in a parking lot

Is this the meaning of family? I think NOT!

Im Poetically Spoken, im here to share these powerful words from 3 voices that went unheard

United we are, united will always be

This is all apart of our dark and stormy journey, spoken poetically

Email : Godschild4048@gmail.com

76 thoughts on “I Wanna Live Not Just Survive

  1. For the longest time I saw a dark and dreary path set for me and my future, I continued looking for some answers. Stuff does change every single day, we have to figure out a way to bring light out of those dark situations. This was a beautiful poem and I applaud you for it.

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  2. Such a powerful poem! I love it! and your other work too! Thanks for following my blog, I’m glad you did as I would never have stumbled across yours! Keep writing! and keep checking out my blog and I will yours! πŸ™‚
    Andy πŸ™‚


  3. You are sheltered, in a way not always seen or felt. In hope I found that the struggles didn’t end but a greater strength was given, through writing a strong foundation of love stands. You have the strength of that foundation.


  4. I understand every words of what you’re saying. Living and not just surviving. I live every day trying to outlive the stigma of victim or survivor. It’s hard but its doable and most importantly….it gets better as long as you keep living.


  5. I truly Loved the poem, I respect your gift of being an Artist. Do you ever do Spoken Word? I also write Spoken Word Poetry, Love getting so much out in that way. I used to sit in the dark for many years, finally saw the light, was enjoying just me and my there children, then it got ripped out from under me, for real
    So many go through so much. I’m glad your able to Speak up. I have a poem on Soundcloud called ” Stronger Woman ”
    I have another that I’m going to be recording sometime this evening,
    New Follower, Blessings. Know your never Alone
    I Love your post, I am a Survivor of Domestic Violence, this being Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I’m trying to work on a video with different artists, if you’re able to speak up and out, get in touch with me.
    Have a Blessed week.


  6. Thank you so much for the follow! I am really enjoying your site, so uplifting. I look forward to reading much more of your work.


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