Single Ladies

Single ladies, yea thats what i said
Because i dont let just any man get into my bed and play with my head

Whispering sweet lines just to see how my legs unwind
You better step in line
Because its gonna take alot more than that to get to know me from behind

I need someone to speak the truth, instead of always lying
Not into playing games and i dont like the crying

No disrespect, i diserve nothing but the best
Its what every woman wants, we want more, we cant settle for less

Single Lady, thats who i am
Its hard to find the right one, especially that good man

You know the one, that got you in the palm of his hand
He wont let you fall, because on his 2 feet, you will land

Best damn man
Best you ever had, even when he gets on your nerves, you cant stay mad

Sometimes i wonder, can a man like this even exist
Oh well, i guess another thing to add to my single Ladies list

Oh dont get me wrong, i dont plan on being this way for long
I just get tired of singing this same ole playa’s song

I dont know about yall, i can only speak for me
I need a man to treat his home like a castle and change my status from single lady to his one and only queen bee
Who have eyes just for me

Someone who i love and adore, what more can a woman ask for

Hmmm let me see…..make sure that man is faithful, has God in his heart and trustworthy, otherwise his love wont be truly sincere, dont forget the loyalty

This goes out to all my single ladies, before you decide to go flesh to flesh, always remember, we diserve nothing but the best

Now go tell the rest

You have now been served by the single ladies word

25 thoughts on “Single Ladies

  1. Great poem! 🙂 Today I came across a quote that says “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God, that a man has to seek Him just to find her.”

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  2. Ok, just saying, I know there are a bunch of shit bag men in the world, but please remember that there a bunch of guys that work super hard to be nice. A little nod in the nice guys direction every once in a while might be nice.

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    • In response to your comment with smiles on my face, if you really read my poem single ladies, it doesn’t state that all men are not nice, I know they’re a lot of good men out there, I’m not knocking that!! I’m just saying, I’ve haven’t bumped into the right one!!… My blog is about my life experiences.. Clearly misunderstood!… I’m here to inspire lives and share mines..

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      • Then I sincerely apologise. I guess I brought my own issues with me about men being maligned. I didn’t mean to say you were implying all men were bad. I really did not and I am very sorry. I hope you find the man you deserve.

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  3. I really like the unorthodox rhyming structure you several of your stanzas. You have a talent for rhyme some just can’t find.

    Some suggestions, the use of punctuation will greatly enhance your poetic colorizations…
    just sayin’
    Apostrophes are important to help with two word contractions.
    It’s some advice to make great rhyme play nice.
    And capital “I” instead of small
    because you are important, that’s all.

    Seriously, this poem is great advice for all the single ladies out there; and the men, because a man needs a good woman too.


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